Project title
A Reimagined Salon App
App design


Hairmate is an app designed to find the best hairstyle that suits you. With face shape analysis, direct communication with the hairstylist near you, and up-to-date grooming information, your hairstyle will always be on point.

Role UI/UX Designer

Duration 4 Weeks

The Why

Hairstyle takes a huge part in our daily looks, people are taking seriously about their hair more than ever before.

Somehow there's too much hair information out there yet our time is very limited. We can hardly know which is the right one for us.

But there's still one problem:

"Even if I find the right one, how can I ensure the hairstylist will get it right?"

Design Goals

I wanted to create a platform for men to easily understand the basic of hairstyling and how they can look so much better just by paying a little bit more attention to their hair.

  • The platform must be simple and explicit that both amatuer and experts can quickly get their hands on.
  • Know your face shape, by identifying what face shape you are, it's much more easier to find the right haircut for you.
  • To provide an efficient booking system. By having all the available time and hairstylist at a glance, customers can easily plan out the time they want to get a haircut without messing up with their own schedule.
  • To provide a trustworthy rating system for our customers.

I decided to focus the efforts on designing a product that is informative and reliable, so the users can worry less about their conditions and spend more time living.

Research - User

Conversations with users offered me a detailed overview of what process they go through each time they want to find new hairstyles or simply make an appointment to a salon.

Therefore I was able to identify their real needs, and the biggest problem they are current facing.


In-person Interviews


Phone Interviews


Research - Market

Along with user research, I conducted competitive and market research to identify current design conventions and prioritize product features.


In addition, following the conversations with the users, I considered recommendations for the product's expandability and service to address their evolving business strategy following the product's launch.

Findings and Solutions

Users wanted an application where they can find all the relevant content in one place.

→ Personalized Information & Personal Collections

After finishing the analysis, users will get personal recommendation for hairstyles and articles.

If they find any hairstyles, salons, or articles they enjoy, with a simple click, it will all saved in their personal collection.

→ Optimized User Interface and User Experience

Screen flows, layout design, and usability to provide users with intuitive and easy-to-understand interface for their daily usage.

Users don't like to install applications for services they don't know yet or going to use just once.

→ A Trustworthy Rating System

We want customers to trust a salon by giving them a well-designed rating system. The ratings needs to cover different aspects of a salon, so the customers can quickly decide which one they prefer.

User Flow
User Flow

Design System and Branding

As individual features gradually came to life, I built a design system to ensure the interface was cohesive throughout the product. Typeface and colors were chosen to meet the design goal of positioning the brand and product as modern and simple.


UI Design & Prototyping

Exploring & Saving Content


Booking & Rating System


Personalize Hairstyle & Contents


Challenges & Takeaway

  • Don't be a perfectionist - As a designer, I'm always obsessed with little details, because it's the thing I care so much and it always makes me enjoy the final result. This is helpful when there is no deadline, but when it comes to a project with a due date, it is important to first produce a prototype then polish it aftertime.

  • Create the need for users - It's a challenge for both users and designers. Sometimes users don't always know what they want, so it's our job to find out what they want and maybe — if we try hard enough, we can create something that the users never thought of.

  • Always be humble - A lot of times we think we know what is best for our users, but when you really do the research and dive into conversations with different people, you may find it surprising that things are often not what you expected.


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