弭 Me

弭 Me

弭 Me
Project title
Reconnect the Relationship Between Foreign Workers and the Locals
Web Design


Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2018 Shortlisted for final judging

In order to create a harmonious environment for Taiwanese and migrant workers, I decide to design a communication platform to help us understand each other's culture and differences, and to eliminate the gap between it.

The Why

Why is the site called “弭 Me”?

“弭” is a chinese character, it means to quiet down, stop, and eliminate. “Me” represent every one of us.

Often we see foreign workers around us, even in our own house. However, for a long time, we have only perceived them as dangerous and unclean.

This is an obvious situation of lacking communication and understanding. I want to establish a platform for Taiwanese and foreign workers to understand each other's cultures and differences, bridge the gap between them, and coexist in harmony here together.

Our Target

Our main target is Taiwanese employers, foreign workers and the general public. We want not only employers but for the average person can learn more about the background and stories of foreign workers here.

It can help employers find more suitable workers and have an advance knowledge and understanding of them. This also works for the workers.


How it works

When users first comes to site, we will use a timeline to let people understand the stories of an migrant worker, and introduce how our website enhances interaction with each other. After reading it, you can choose to register an account (bind with FB or Gmail) to start building your own personal homepage.

Once you establish your own personal homepage on our website, you can communicate with different people, and our website also provides users with more interaction like language communication, foreign cuisine teaching, etc.


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